We're looking for crew members to help us scare the wits out of Wills Point.
We're filling roles from actors and building crew.

Actor Requirements:

No acting experience is necessary, but job requires a desire to do their best.
Acting in a haunted house can be both fun and rewarding.
The power you have over people looking to be frightened can be
extremely exhilarating. We look for actors that can show up on time, work
weekends, have transportation to and from work. If you've always wanted
to dress up in costume, be someone else and run around scaring
the daylights out of people and be rewarded for doing it, this is the job for you.
Scare team leaders will provide training.

Our season runs from October 17 - November 1.
Keep in mind this job isn't for everyone. It's not as easy as it sounds,
but if you're into scaring people in a fun environment, you can make it through.

Build Out Crew Requirements:

We need people that can help us set up our attraction. This starts September 1
and runs through October 11. People interested in these positions must be
able to work unloading, moving sets, attaching walls, painting, etc.
We are also looking for people with electrical and carpentry background.

Call 903-873-4476 and leave message
or come by 239 or 233 N. 4th st, Wills Point

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Workers Sign-Up Meeting starting September , 20 at 7 PM, Refreshments

Thank you for joining our team.

E-mail is